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James Broderick for

“Green has rendered in print a remarkably comprehensive guided tour of the historically rich, multi-faceted world of nothing. The breadth of argument he offers in this treatise on nothing is breathtaking… Green’s book is a worthy read for those willing to open their minds to a new way of thinking about the sum and substance of our existence. It’s as enlightening as it is challenging. On behalf of readers everywhere – and at the risk of seeming ungrateful – I’d like to say to Mr. Green: Thanks for nothing.”

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Paul Callaghan in his New Zealand blog:

“Green writes very clearly and with a great deal of humour, but he is dealing with ideas that perhaps go to the very core of what it means to be human… Would I recommend this book? Yes, with the proviso that if you choose to read it you give the time and thought it deserves.”

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Geoff Ward for suite

 ”This challenging but irresistible book – a reviewer’s paradise for punning, itself much ado about nothing – tackles these and many other questions from all possible angles and with great good humour and aplomb, covering an astonishing amount of ground and argument (with, one must add, a valiant abstention from paronomasia wherever possible).”

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The Void:

 ”Nothing matters, whether you like it, hate it, believe it or don’t want to believe it. The truth and the reality of it all is that everything you do is insignificant – yet we are relentless in doing it anyway.”

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Listen to an interview on Breakthru Radio of NYC:

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2 comments on “In The News

  1. Leon Brooks on said:

    An Atheist (Materialist) believes that you can’t get something from nothing.

    I have yet to meet an Atheist who agrees that they themselves are nothing.

    It follows that something must always have existed, to either make the Atheist, or from which the Atheist was made.

    The best efforts of the science of Physics concur that the universe in which we now live has not existed forever (cannot have existed forever, as some properties of matter inherently conflict with this idea, ergo the always-existing something is outside the concept of our universe.

    The crux of the something-from-nothing paradigm is that not only all matter, but all energy & all time was emitted from the Big Bang. This makes the question “_When_ did the Bing Bang happen?” kind of unanswerable. What it really needed, for seasoning, was yet another paradox.

  2. Ronald Green on said:

    Interesting, Leon. I agree with all of what you wrote – until the end, when your conclusion seems to be that everything began with the Big bang. But if there was always something, then where does the Big Bang come in? I don’t think that when the Big bang happened is problematic; cosmologists don’t have a problem with that, and give it as 13.7 billion years ago.

    The question, I think, is what was there before the Big Bang? If the BB happened, then it was an event. What was the cause? Was there no cause?

    I have no answer. But I do have lots of questons.

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