In the evening of August 31 I received an email from Kory French, the host of “Book Talk” on Breakthru Radio, NYC, who asked me if I would like to be interviewed in his program THE FOLLOWING DAY. Apparently, he had been let down at the last minute by an author and he found me.

Well, I’m not proud and here was my opportunity to tell some New Yorkers about nothing. Kory was gracious enough to let me know that the interview could be arranged for the following week or at any time convenient to me.

Knowing myself, I was aware that I would not be more prepared in a week than I was for the following day…

So I did it. I did not know the questions beforehand. As you can hear, Kory had read my book, knew my background and asked me questions that roamed far from nothing before zooming in. Most of the questions caught me by surprise, dealing with linguistics, language learning and a host of topics not directly connected to my book.

I enjoyed every moment of the interview. I had never been interviewed on the radio before, but I was lucky to have a host who knew his job, was highly intelligent and interacted with me brilliantly. The fact that he asked difficult questions, kept me on my toes and added to my enjoyment (which can also be called masochism).

Anyway, here it is.

I will practise “common denominator” before my next interview.
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